ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

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Demand for innovative and reliable ADAS solutions is rapidly growing at every level of the marketplace from consumers, manufacturers and the automotive safety and regulatory agencies. Innovative technologies allowing a vehicle to autonomously engage core safety features protecting the occupants of a vehicle, other drivers on the road and pedestrians in close proximity is quickly changing from an option that provides added value to an absolute requirement.

In fact, regulatory agencies in the United States and European Union have already begun to mandate all vehicles meet minimum ADAS functionality requirements by 2020, just a few short years from today. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems provide a wide range of benefits for not only consumers but manufacturers and dealers as well.

Flexible and Customized Software for ADAS Systems and ECU

Our software engineers,AI experts and Algorithm development teams with our product development team are continually focused on delivering solutions that meet and exceed each individual OEM and Tier-1 partner’s requirements and expectations. We use a flexible approach on every project and design all of our products based on your individual needs. Our automotive software stack offers OEM and Tier-1 suppliers an opportunity to enjoyed from a full life-cycle solution that is unique, reliable and adds real value additionally to our software engineering services.

Surround Monitoring

ADAS Features for your system:

  • Forward Collision Warning

  • Pedestrian Collision Warning

  • Lane Departure Warning

  • Emergency Braking

  • Lane Changing Assistance

  • Blind Spot Alerts

  • Drowsiness Alerts

  • Steering Assistance/Correction

  • Safety Warnings

  • Increased Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Less Manufacturer and Supplier Liability

  • Maintain Current and Future Safety and Regulatory Requirements

We use leading technologies such as:

  • Modules for processing and sensor fusion:

    • Cameras (visible & IR)

    • LiDAR

    • mm-Wave RaDAR

    • ultrasonic sensor

    • 9-DoF IMU

    • GPS

    • environmental sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.)

  • openCL, openVX, openCV, openGL and NEON.

  • Complying with ASPICE , ISO 26262 (ASIL B)

Harness the Power of Innovation & Reliability

In the automotive marketplace, the level of competition is constantly on the rise and manufacturers must seize vital opportunities to position themselves as a market leader. ADAS solutions that not only provide essential safety features but also expand functionality and improve the overall consumer experience present such an opportunity. Not only can they offer a significant competitive edge today but they can also help solidify a brand as a recognized innovative leader for years to come.

L4B-Software can help OEM suppliers and manufacturers harness the power of innovative cutting-edge ADAS technologies in a complete solution that is designed with fundamental and reliable engineering principles. The result is a product that delivers powerful capabilities, expanded functionality and an exceptional consumer experience.


We pride ourselves on delivering excellent client service, exceptional products, and reliable solutions. If you need a custom designed solution, or perhaps you have an idea but not quite sure if it can be done, then contact us today. We can help your vision turn into reality.