Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronic Co., LTD


Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company born in 2008, headquartered in the "flower capital" of Guangzhou, China. We are a group of geeks, designers and enthusiasts who are passionate about intelligent car image recognition. We are full of infinite creativity, ambition and passion for the future. "Convey the voice of safety, from the heart touched you!" Is the brand culture we advocate, calling on the young people of this era, unruly bondage, follow their dreams! Fortunately, when we were founded, we had rich experience and accumulation in semantic technology, graph management and supply chain, and integrated a sound production chain and multiple channel resources. We are willing to embrace bold and interesting product concepts to create more surprises for users!

LINE service hotline: 13924193311

2 / F, Jiaxin Licensing Department, West Fourth Lane, South Tangkou Road, Huacheng Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou

 (+86) 13924193311



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