LDW Lane Departure Warning System + FCW Front Collision Warning System

LDW Lane Departure Warning System + FCW Front Collision Warning System

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“What is ADAS?"

While driving a car, do you feel nervous about what will happen to your car or the road? Our ADAS is a compact and intelligent in-vehicle camera system designed to keep you safe from sudden car accidents. It offers various features to improve driving safety. It’s the most important function is ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) featuring FCW(Forward Collision Warning), LDW(Lane Departure Warning), FVSA(Forward Vehicle Stop Alert) ensuring safe and smooth driving while protecting you from incoming dangers on the road ahead.

ADAS ZYADAS-LFR recognizes and analyzes all objects to alert you while driving on a road by a monocular front camera with wide angle. You can be aware of a risk of collision and/or driving conditions through every alert on the ADAS  phone application and audio alarm through the built-in speaker of the device. Here’s how our ADAS works while you driving.

Sometimes you might be on a phone call or find your mind wandering while driving your car. If you miss the steering wheel or take your eyes off the road, the chances for a dangerous accident increases. ADAS, always caring for driver’s safety, is able to reduce this probability. When changing lanes without using your turn signal, ADAS instantly alerts to you with both visual and audio alarms.

Are you beginner drive or recently getting acquainted with a new vehicle? It often takes time to get adjusted to the length of your car and can often feel different than what you might expect. Because of this gap, it will be difficult to maintain the proper distance between cars. As your car gets closer to the vehicle in front of you, ADAS lets you know the distance between you and the front vehicle via a 3-level alert so that you can avoid the collision. You can check a warning through the smart phone application and in-device speaker. Say good- bye to the fender bender!


If you are distracted and don’t catch a change of traffic signal in time, the ADAS gives you a notice when your car doesn’t start while the front vehicle begins moving. No more bother to other vehicles behind you or waiting to be honked at to move.


Do you sometime feel anxiety about the vehicle’s driving route by any chance when your family member drives your car? Do you need to keep track of your fleets in real time if you are a member of logistics companies? ADAS has built-in GPS indicating every driving path as well as all driving behaviors of your vehicle on a web and smart phone application. Have a peace of mind while lending out your car with the ADAS.

ADAS always records a high definition video in 30FPS while driving. In addition, it is able to vividly record anywhere thanks to screen distortion prevention and backlight revision. Especially, in the case of traffic accident, you can view and watch exactly every detail that occurred from the moment before the accident, during, and after.

You can get your driving information more simply with ADAS. Every type of vehicle driving and diagnosis information is reported on the ADAS smart phone application and PC viewer program so you can check your vehicle’s overall condition. In addition to safety it can also be used to obtain definitive evidence when examining the cause of a traffic accident. Driving and diagnosis info includes vehicle fuel efficiency, RPM, average driving speed, DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code), Steering Angle, ECO driving grade etc.