Electronic Body Stability System (ESP)

What's the usage? ESP technology is another revolutionary technology in automotive safety technology. ESP integrates the functions of ABS and TCS (Traction Control System), and adds the function of anti sideslip. ESP can help the driver maintain control of the vehicle in emergency situations, such as fast steering, reverse steering, emergency lane change, emergency avoidance, etc.

How does it work? ESP is always on standby. If it is found that the direction of vehicle movement is inconsistent - understeer or oversteer - the ESP can monitor the critical situation and react immediately. The ESP uses the vehicle braking system to steer the vehicle back to the correct track. The precise braking force directly acts on a single wheel, such as the inner rear wheel when the reverse steering is insufficient, or the outer front wheel when the reverse steering is excessive.

The ESP technology was first used in Mercedes Benz cars. Later, the technology gradually became popular, and now it has basically become the standard equipment for medium and high class cars. Of course, ESP has not been popularized for vehicles below the intermediate level, but it is not only approaching the target.